Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fourteen days in... August daily project recap

I DID SO WELL. For like, a week...


And, then I started getting caught up on finished perfection. Not wanting to half-ass things. Well, I still don't want to half-ass things, but I think I've got to make a few modifications to my rules. For all of the days that aren't represented above (I'm looking at you, August 9, 10, 11, 12) I do have some starts/sketches that just aren't complete. So for yesterday, I decided to keep it small and simple. The colors are fancy because of lighting and phone camera, which I then inversed, and that's kinda what I got. Keeping it small is a good idea for me as I can't get as burnt out on coloring in when I've got a structure I like, but I want the finishing to be tight. Simple, well, I guess I mean less overthinking/planning. So far I've got a few favorites, and some I'd totally already revisit, so why not just dive in and do all quickly rather than work on finishing up something that I'd already re-do? As a daily thing, I don't think I had the intent of putting more than an hour per day in to it. Hopefully much less. I think I can get as much out of producing something every day as producing something finished feeling on some to most days. Let's make. 

Everything, a little less. 

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