Friday, August 2, 2013

Where this is all going.

You know that song that you can’t hear without recalling a particular moment/feeling/memory EVERY time?

I’ve collected a playlist worth of those songs. And I’m in process of writing about the moment/feeling/memory that each song conjures.
Rules to follow.

In the meantime, August has turned in to a fun-a-day sort of month, and following in the ambition of Mike, I’m committing to doing some one thing every day for August.
Aug. 1 : Great Expectations

Since I’ve been dabbling with hand-lettering lately, and most often of song lyrics, to make the jump to lettering out a line of lyrics daily was a logical one. And with this writing project as the driving force, I’ve already got a playlist full of songs that mean something to me as fodder. 
I’m committing to the crazy. For a month at least. I’m pushing to try other materials and styles of letters (honestly I’ve begun to default to a very narrow range).

I don’t know where this is going and what will happen, but I do ask that you all keep me accountable, push me, comment, “like", tell me why you hate it, tell me why it’s working, throw some feedback at me, and whatever else.

You in?

Follow along on instagram & my tumblr blog, that's where the daily updates will be happening! 

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