Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Spend March!

It's that time again... the time where I look at my checking account(s) and go "...oh."

In keeping with some of my #100resolutions from earlier this year, I've decided to join up on this No Spend March... presented by Mallory (From California to Kansas) and Jess (Tooth N Nails) .

My rules are as follows:

  • Credit Card is for Gas, Groceries, and other essentials
  • No online shopping (time to ignore all of the 'daily deal' emails I get)
  • Groceries are strictly by list (with planned meals), with one <$5 "treat" item
  • Regulated cash allowance weekly for incidentals (convenience items, beers, door cover for dances or shows, etc.)
  • Use the giftcards! But don't go more than 25% over their value
  • Two meals out per week tops (this will probably be a weekend brunch & a dinner)
  • NO clothing or makeup (unless something is broken/ran out and needs replacement)
  • <$20 of chews/treats for puppy on pet store visits, and hold off on new toys until April (she chews a lot, and I'd rather her be chomping on an elk antler or bully stick rather than the coffee table, so there needs to be some allowance here)
  • Sleep on it for at least one night for any larger purchases that might need to happen
  • Redirect my impulses (OMG let's order pizza >>> at home pasta night. and so on.) 
This is my birthday month, so it might be a bit tough in some regards to not #treatyoself , but hopefully any of that treating I can take care of with giftcards and groupons that I already have. Obviously there might be an exception or two in there

Want to join in? Or just offer some support for this? Head on over to Mallory & Jess's blogs and chime in in the comments!

I'm thinking of posting updates of #Nospend/#badspend incidents throughout the month. Large list update? Spend-shaming photos? Love to hear your thoughts and have you join in on this #NoSpendMarch!


  1. This is awesome! I wish I had seen this sooner, as I have been having those "Oh" moments way too often. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh hey! Thanks! Eeek, I don't know if I'm doing as well on it as I'd like, so I'm thinking of doing the same for April coming up. I hate those "Oh" moments, just had another this morning. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!


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