Friday, March 1, 2013

February Cara Box reveal!

Cara Box

I took part in my first Cara Box exchange last month, and it was buckets of fun as well as inspiring. More about that here. This month, our theme was #ClubSexy(ClubSexy = vaguely date night supplies for creating your own awesome night, whatever that might be!), and we were also paired off within our state to potential exchange boxes in person. Granted the state of New York is a big one, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do so depending on locations of those I was paired off with. It didn't work out to meet up yet, but after 'meeting' these two women, we've got hopes to try for this summer!

My match that I assembled a Cara Box for was Samantha of Hooah and Hiccups. You can see her post about what I sent her here. It was a blast to make a personalized set of #clubsexy cards and supporting materials. Check it out on her blog!

Now, for my Cara Box's reveal -- I was paired with Traci from Dear Miss Traci. She's in the middle of fine tuning details for her upcoming wedding, and still did a stellar job of sending me a little cardboard box of joy.

First things first, the second I got through the tape, this box just smelled sooo fantastic! I dug in to find a tasty scented candle, and some body lotion (mango! yess!) to be the culprits. Love it. Also, really cute attention to detail in the packaging -- pink and red packing materials, card, and the black packing paper made it feel so luxurious.

Also among the candle and lotion, she had picked out a few eyeshadows from her favorite etsy shops and nailpolish to really summer-up our grey winters here in upstate NY.  Perfect colors too!

And, after reading her note, I realized that I TOTALLY MISSED one item! She'd sent a little cookbook for tapas--perfect for the ATE dinners I've been running, and also fun cooking inspiration for the everyday.

Thanks SO much, Traci! Great Cara Box, and so happy to have made a blog friend that's not too far away. <3

Make sure to check out ALL of the February Cara Box exchanges, posted through Wifessionals.

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