Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exciting news for Battle of the Dresses, and Battle No. 3 results...

weekly dress battle to cure workplace attire monotony & incite creative spirit by means of friendly competition


Sorry for keeping you all waiting -- we're putting the Battle of the Dresses on hold for a bit, and working on revising the structure and schedule. Which is EXCITING! We're opening the battle to more  friends, and if you'd like to battle it up in a future BOTD, leave a comment, send a message, tweet at one of us and we'll talk.

Battle No. 3 results....

What you were saying about No.3:


"Texture. Yeah. The sweater, and boots and skirt are fantastic constrast of texture. And the greys aren't quite gray, they're actually a little warm in color and so the blue pop in the skirt seems to balance it admirably well."
"Love the sweater. Love the color of the skirt. Love them paired together w/ the boots. Love the boots. Yeah, much love. Full of win. "
"Emily's boots are everything that should ever happen to feet. "


"Red+birds = win.
Also, bonus points for the Built to Spill accessory poster?"
"Love the red and the bird pattern, cute winged mascara, and LOVE the necklace! 413 represent!"
"I love the pop of color, use of a skinny belt, and that she sourced Etsy for her jewelry. I WILL say that I really like Emily's Fergalicious boots too though. "

Read more about the Battle of the Dresses.

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