Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo an hour #1 - January 31

First time for me trying one of these photo-an-hours, and since I'm trying to do this monthly, January snuck past me and left me with its last day. A Thursday. A workday. A day of a lot of sitting in my office. Please bear with me.

7AM - Sick recovering puppy hanging out for a little bit in bed with me after spending
the night in her crate, before  I was able to peel myself out of bed for the day

8AM - Decided the 30degree drop in temperature
meant I could treat myself to a coffee from Equal Grounds
rather than getting one from the work coffeepot

9AM - Oatmeal and morning emails

10AM - Snapped a quick shot of my Cara Box gifts for the CaraBox reveal posts

11AM - A bit of an office tour is in store with these photos as an attempt to do something interesting. This wall is to my left while seated at my desk. Calendars, posters, corkboard, random table and so on. 

12PM - A bit of lemon or lime will definitely make me drink significantly more water. Yum.

1PM - Took a walk across the street to get a wrap. Felt strange snapping photos here so tried a couple different less-obvious strategies. This one is slightly more interesting than the shot of my feet waiting in line at the cafe.

2PM - I got a wrap to-go. It comes with a side, so I picked applesauce, over the
chips and similar options. Apparently they didn't find it necessary to have some
sort of actually containing container for the applesauce. Were it chips, no big deal,
chips can go everywhere and still be chips. Applesauce everywhere, and I've got
a soggy appley wrap.

3PM - I'm a cluttery person, not going to lie. I realize I could use a little re-alignment here and some other stuff. but, this is it. Yay letterpress posters, and yay for a yellow wall.

4PM - Desk view from the desk. Burt's Bees is key.

5PM - Getting ready to head out the door

6PM - Attempted to go to a work-ish celebration at MacGregors, but there was no parking to be found.

7PM - Puppy decided to sit on me. I was tired enough to let her.

8PM - Yup, still sitting on me. Snuggletime. 

...and this is it. I guess I was really tired and may have napped on the couch, and when I woke back up I forgot all about taking photos. But hey, I tried--it's my first attempt at one of these, and hopefully for the February one I'll pick a more interesting sort of day. But, now you know what my weekdays are sometimes like. The end!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Julia! I've seen it a few places, but most recently through The Dainty Squid :
      Hope I can keep it up for the year :)

  2. I am planning on doing a photo an hour thing on Saturday! Great minds think alike :)

    1. love it! can't wait to see yours--it should be spectacular!
      ughh i can't believe i left mine to be mostly pics of my office. failsauce.


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