Monday, February 11, 2013

Battle of the Dresses No.2

weekly dress battle to cure workplace attire monotony & incite creative spirit by means of friendly competition


A little backstory from Emily about her outfit:

Dress: Target clearance; Sweater: Ross (a few years back); Boots: Footprints (one of those random pop-up shoe stores); Necklace: I got it as a gift but it's from NoHo-Life Jewels  shop on Etsy. 

This dress is one of my favorites. It's spaghetti straps, so it makes a great "dress up" dress with some sandals in the warm weather. But I can also pair it with a cardigan and tights and boots in winter and it looks great! It's got a cool geometric pattern along the bottom and cool details in the top with little chain links and weird olive looking things. Oh and pockets! I love dresses with pockets.

And from me (Laura):

Um... theme being oldies but goodies? I've had this shirt for way too long, let's say definitely 5+ years. I like that  it covers and stays on my shoulders but also has a fun neckline, and I've definitely worn it to lindy hop dances many times. The skirt is from American Apparel, and is super comfy and versatile enough to dress up or down easily. Boots are a Target favorite, though my second pair as one of them went missing from the coat closet of a dance and never to be seen again, thankfully found the same/similar enough boots a year or so later to replace as they're probably my favorites. Spoiler alert: If it's Winter, I'm probably wearing boots. Sweater leggings from Forever 21, SUPER comfy. 
Last but certainly not least, my Rochester Flower necklace. I wish I could link this up, but the woman who made these (from what I've been told) received a Cease & Desist, so no longer can sell them. Really glad I got mine before then!

And now...  please cast your vote. I think criteria for choosing can be anywhere from fashion/style only, to who rocked the look best, to best styling/accessorizing. Yes, skirts are legal (you'll be seeing plenty skirt combos to come!)  What's most likely to sway your vote? Tell us in the comments!

Battle No. 1 results....

Read more about the Battle of the Dresses.

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