Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mentoring Notes

Industry, creativity, inspiration, and interesting stuff...from your favorite AIGA UPSTNY SPARK Co-Coordinator & Mentor




  • Beautiful film/video about being alone, not lonely
  • 1975 Gallery owner Erich Lehman's TEDxRochester talk : Defining Moments
  • Especially love the end of this talk where Kate Bingaman Burt  is asking you to define the five things that really 'do it' for you at present, the 5 things that are why you work how you work. Something nice to strive for, define what these 5 things are for you at any given time. Also, where she's talking about her set of parameters/rule structure that yields creation.
    Be thoughtfully looking, and thoughtfully making. Rather than lazy looking, accidentally making boring work.
    From Weapons of Mass Creation Fest III in Cleveland, OH


  • Blog post about keeping/getting your digital photo files organized and accessible from a former boss of mine
  • Pinterest & Retail fail



What notable stuff have you found lately?

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