Monday, February 18, 2013

Battle of the Dresses No.3

weekly dress battle to cure workplace attire monotony & incite creative spirit by means of friendly competition


A little backstory from Emily about her outfit:

Sweater: Forever 21; Skirt: Target Clearance; Sweater Tights: Vera Wang from Kohl's; Boots: Fergalicious brand (I know) from Boscov's.

It's funny how you don't realize just how much of your wardrobe comes from the Target clearance rack until you start keeping track of your outfits! I love long sweaters, they're super comfortable and warm. I especially love them because I work in a place that is essentially a farm, so it can get cold! This skirt is a fun blue tweed type fabric too. The boots, are not something I'm super proud of. I never thought I would own anything designed (in theory) by Fergie, but these are super funky and fun and I get compliments on them all the time, so eff it.

And from me (Laura):

Dress: Old Navy on a whim, Necklace: Truche Etsy shop, Boots & Leggings: same as last week, way too comfy to go with other ones!So this was my Valentines Day outfit, but I think it works well for a President's Day post too! Check out our Red, White & Blue! So, I really like birds, and red is a color that I enjoy wearing as well, that's how this happened. The Original United States of Love necklace is from Truche on Etsy, it's of my home state Massachusetts, with a heart cut out over my hometown! Love the idea, and a cute small necklace that can go with most anything!

And now...  please cast your vote. I think criteria for choosing can be anywhere from fashion/style only, to who rocked the look best, to best styling/accessorizing. Yes, skirts are legal (you'll be seeing plenty skirt combos to come!)  What's most likely to sway your vote? Tell us in the comments!

Battle No. 2 results....

What you were saying about No.2:


"10 points for pockets!"
"Emily resides in the perfect space between funk and class.  A little place I like to call... flass."
"I love the contrast of Emily's dress and the pockets are always a favorite feature of mine!"
"I have the same dress and I luuuuv it! You've inspired me to wear it to work. Plus the necklace is super pretty. Nice work, Emily. "


"Lines on Laura's are smashing. The neckline of the shirt just screams to be with the higher waist of the skirt. From the pictures it also seems like the texture of the shirt is light where as the skirt seems stiffer and those two are great compliments. I feel like the combination is stronger."
"Very flattering silhouette and the color combo is somehow both classic and unexpected."

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