Monday, January 21, 2013


Looking forward to:

Seeing Miracle of 86 next weekend. One of the bands that I unfortunately really got in to only after their breakup. I've been following Kevin Devine's music ever since, and had asked him at a solo acoustic show in Nashville when the Miracle of 86 reunion would be. His answer? "When someone dies"... that didn't leave me with much hope.
This mini-reunion/Sandy relief show was plenty enough reason for me to plan a sporadic short weekend to NYC. I'm very excited to take the train in to the city as well--much better than driving and hopefully less stressful than flying.


Emily Owens, MD: Of course I find out about this show only after it's been cancelled. I'd say 90%+ of my TV viewing takes place via Hulu+ or Netflix, and this was a find out of browsing for some background entertainment while doing some work at home. I love the characters, and am definitely going to be sad when this season ends.

Mad Men: This has been another show that I've been watching as background entertainment while working on stamps for my etsy shop. The advertising/agency side is overly interesting to me (professional casualty, right?), and I've started to enjoy the personal interactions more too. In the first season, it felt pretty much like a chronicle of affairs, and a bit predictable at that so not exactly uplifting storylines, but I've come to appreciate the rest more now too. It's nice to know that I have quite a few seasons left in front of me, I hate getting to the end of a show with no resolution or that was cancelled awfully prematurely (cough*Dollhouse*cough*Firefly*cough*VeronicaMars*cough).


Flavored (not sweetened) seltzer. I've been trying to keep up on liquid intake, and the tap water at work tastes kind of nasty, and the brita we have there is equally yuck. Though, I still feel silly bringing in bottled water--so, enter seltzer. I get bubbles, a hint of flavor and no yucky water taste. WIN!


The first ever ATE dinner series. Basic idea is 8 people, 8PM, 8th of the month -- gathered together for a (homecooked) meal, and the eight people don't know most of the rest of the guests. I've been stewing over the idea of this sort of thing for a long while (dinner party meets social experiment) and decided to try to get it rolling. So far I think there's been enough interest for at least two, if not three, months worth of dinners!


Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin. I had seen this pop up around and decided to give it a shot even though I have not yet read the Happiness Project. I dig it, and I'm definitely planning on reading the Happiness Project later this year. Oh, at feel free to follow me on Good Reads! I use it mostly to keep track of what I'd like to read, but it's fun to see reviews by friends too!


In general over the lack of time I seem to have, especially concerning my house. I've been a homeowner for well over a year now, and some projects just have not moved an inch forward in at least a year. I've got a lot of organizing and purging to do as well, nevermind just the upkeep tasks. If only there were more hours in the day...

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