Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolution Roll Call 2013

To start a new year with 100 resolutions or goals is perhaps a bit bold. I figured that presented with a buffet of things I could work on throughout the year, I'd be able to knock things off the list, and hopefully make some good habits along the way, without the worry of breaking a streak or missing on perfection. 100 action items, and heck, if I can make a dent on 10 of them each month, that puts me in a good place number-wise.

Without futher ado, my list of 100* (*note, I haven't yet put 100 things on here--currently 84ish. Like anything, when I'm racking my brain to think of things, I blank; but when I'm in the middle of something totally irrelevant, I think of more).

I'm attempting to organize these in to categories or themes (most were jotted down quickly in random places), so bear with me and the inconsistent grammar.

Bettering Me (Health, self-image, stress)

  1. dance at least 1x/wk
  2. cook 3+ dinners/week
  3. better bedtimes/sleep (11p on worknights, flexible on wknds—oh hey, there’s an app for that!)
  4. be ready the night before (work lunches and outfits set before bed)
  5. be on time (ugh, this is a huge one for me. hardest part is I don’t care about being _precisely_ on time for things, but the rest of the world does…)
  6. run semi-regularly
  7. run a 5k
  8. Walk 500 miles
  9. Walk 500 more… (thinking of getting a fitbit or similar, or just using an app to track?  Suggestions taken… I expect the puppy to help me out with this especially as the weather improves.)
  10. lose about 15 more pounds
  11. KEEP OFF the above 15 lbs and the 20 lbs lost in 2012.
  12. Break out of loops!
  13. play some basketball — find a league or something casual
  14. 2 hits at most of the snooze button allowed daily
  15. Wear more dresses (1x/week?)
  16. get less distracted
  17. relax more
  18. wear my nightguard so i don’t grind my teeth down to nothing
  19. Get my birdie tattoos finished
  20. get my rowhouse tattoo
  21. get a new non-primary Doctors in my health system (Switching jobs/insurance makes for tons of phone calls, ugh)
  22. figure out some personality stuff
  23. bake bread
  24. stay more hydrated
  25. paint my nails and maintain (not a week of chipped)
  26. get a manicure (suggestions for where to in/near Roc?!)
  27. get a pedicure (omg never have. suggestions where to in/near Roc, & someone to join?)

Financial (Being a grown-up with my $)

  1. Pay down credit cards…
  2. Pay off more of my car (extra $30-100/mo. for the year)
  3. Open a ‘hidden’ emergency account that I really do not touch
  4. Have two months of funds in said account by end of the year
  5. make a budget and stick to it COLD TURKEY

Enlightenment (Media, Music, Reading, and enrichment)

  1. write a song journal (playlist already set)
  2. read 1 book/month
  3. take more photos on purpose (try a 365 again? maybe.)
  4. go to more shows (1x/month?)
  5. See Lord of the Rings (1st one) ALL THE WAY THROUGH, NO NAPPING
  6. See Lord of the Rings (2nd one) ALL THE WAY THROUGH, NO NAPPING
  7. See Lord of the Rings (3rd one) ALL THE WAY THROUGH, NO NAPPING
  8. Listen to more podcasts (1/work day)


  1. install CS6 (what have I been waiting for? :I )
  2. print some
  3. bind some
  4. dig in to more web/ux/ui/wordpress/webwhatever design stuff… 3 hrs/month
  5. get a laptop ($$$$$$$$$$$)
  6. expand my etsy shop & build on the success ( )
  7. learn more about letters (general)
  8. take calligraphy class
  9. make a typeface
  10. organize my twitter in to lists to be more useful (friends/design/ROC/etc.)
  11. schedule out etsy promotion (blog features, giveaways etc.)
  12. get my etsy sales to average 6 per day, up from the current of 2 per day
  13. reply to messages & emails right away
  14. Scour pinterest weekly (inspiration, organization, recipes)
  15. Do my postcard project

Social (less being a hermit)

  1. be more social (at least 1 purely social encounter per week, whether over beer/coffee, or phone/skype/hangouts)
  2. reconnect with distant friends (1/month?)
  3. get ATEs rolling (
  4. send nice things in the mail

Out & About (Travel, going places, doing things)

  1. volunteer
  2. go bowling (use up L&M card!)
  3. go to more baseball games than 2012
  4. Pay Philadelphia a visit
  5. go to more hockey games than 2012 
  6. Visit Nashville - and sister&bro-in-law&pups
  7. Cleveland visit
  8. spend more time in coffee shops

Home, Place, and Possessions 

  1. purge “stuff” (at least 1 trash bag/month of things that can go—trash, donated, traded, whatever).
  2. paint my dining room
  3. paint the drying rack in my laundry room
  4. paint the laundry room
  5. get a better floor for the laundry room
  6. organize & maintain: kitchen
  7. organize & maintain: dining room
  8. organize & maintain: book nook
  9. organize & maintain: bedroom&closet
  10. organize & maintain: living room
  11. organize & maintain: backroom/office
  12. organize & maintain: porch
  13. enjoy my porch
  14. 24 hr rule on dirty dishes in the sink
  15. go through all my mail
  16. SAVE things less -- use as soon as makes sense to, and replenish when needed
  17. get a chore/household duty system in place 

I plan to make updates as to how these are going throughout the year, perhaps a few times per month. I am currently accepting any and all forms of encouragement, and of course suggestions are welcome too! Want to join me for any of these things? Leave a note in the comments or shoot me a tweet!


  1. feelin it! excellent ideas for a great 2013!


    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to destroying this list--already made some better decisions because of it.


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