Thursday, January 24, 2013

Instagrid January 1 - 23

  1. Progress.
  2. Snagged some history with a set of 4 original seats from the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House
  3. Stumbled upon Zulily around the 1st of the year and snagged quite a deal on a new coat (arriving soon?  Just arrived!)
  4. Got a delightful blog feature/interview via Homegrown Joy for my Etsy shop
  5. Hangin' out with my cockatiel darlings
  6. Added a new stamp design to my Etsy shop
  7. Holiday giftcards helped me get a fancypants food processor
  8. Reading Happiness at Home, snuggling with the puppy
  9. Made some delicious Rootbeer Brisket in the slow cooker
  10. My stamps were featured/reviewed on Sometimes Sweet! Thanks Dani <3
  11. Pups loves the couch
  12. Puppy graduated from AKC Star Puppy Class!
  13. A very tired Remi after her first day at Doggy Daycare
  14. The Pitas from Aladdins are MONSTERS and oh so tasty! 
  15. It sure has been wintery this month. And even colder than this!
  16. #dresolutions  #1 - One of my resolutions/goals for 2013 is to wear more dresses! This was from the week of January 6
  17. Puppy met a 7 month old Boxer friend at Saturday playtime
  18. Pat is awesome. He visited. We went to brunch!
  19. My new coat from Zulily! Diggin' it.
  20. New dress also from Zulily -- this one makes me want to dance Balboa. 

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